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About Bayleaf

Unwind at BayLeaf with food that’s relaxing.

Cookery and hospitality is our passion, and we make sure that from the moment you enter the restaurant until you leave, you have a fulfilling time.

Our Delicious Menu

We pour love into every dish we serve, so you can have the time of your life.

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    Soups are the ice-breakers, aren’t they? Just that they’re piping hot. Start your meals with authentic soups made with love all the way from India!

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    Rice with meat and spices topped with dry fruits and onions is mouthwatering! And what better place than an authentic Indian restaurant to have biryani at?

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    A meal is almost incomplete without appetizers. BayLeaf offers a variety of appetizers from samosa to kebabs to rolls, we’ve got it all. Try some for yourself.